2024 Joint PTO Scholarship Grant Recipients

The Littleton Public Schools Joint PTO Scholarship Fund awards scholarship grants each spring to support teachers’ continued professional growth. These funds, which are a result of a joint enterprise of individual LPS schools’ PTOs (Parent/Teacher Organizations), help teachers pay for special training or classes toward an advanced degree. All teachers in LPS are invited to participate, and teachers who meet the requirements are eligible to receive a grant.

This year, 10 LPS educators from across the district were awarded scholarships. Superintendent Todd Lambert presented scholarship recipients with their Joint PTO Scholarship Fund grants during a reception April 15, 2024: 

  • Millicent Ambroggio, Littleton High School
  • Karen Braband, Littleton High Schools
  • Kristin Chase, Littleton High School
  • Kara Moody, Sandburg Elementary School
  • Rachel Ockner, Littleton High School
  • Brian Powers, EPIC Campus
  • Emily Saskowski, Power Middle School
  • Josie Tugman, Goddard Middle School
  • Dr. Tom Velasquez, Littleton High School
  • Kathy Zeiger, Centennial Elementary School

The LPS Joint PTO Scholarship Committee has been helping teachers cover training costs since 1958. It has been the committee’s objective to help improve instruction for students by helping teachers get the training they need.

This program is special because it is funded with PTO funds, not district funds. Parents value continuing education opportunities for teachers, and PTOs see how these opportunities translate into richer experiences for students in the classroom. Thank you to members of the PTO Scholarship Committee for your continued support of our amazing teachers!