10th Annual LPS Poetry Slam

The 10th Annual LPS Poetry Slam, hosted by Nate Thompson, LPS’s director of social, emotional, and behavior services, and Jovan Mays, national slam poetry champion, was held virtually on November 17, 2020. Over 20 students from Arapahoe, Heritage, Littleton, and Options high schools participated in this powerful--and empowering--event. 

Students worked with Jovan in virtual workshops prior to the LPS Poetry Slam. Jovan cares deeply about helping kids find and share their voice. Each student was able to share one poem, and five finalists, selected by judges who watched and scored remotely, shared a second poem.

This year’s participants were:

  • Joseph Brandt, Options High School, 1st place
  • Medhaa Lakshman, Littleton High School, 2nd place
  • Kerissa Ferguson, Options High School, 3rd place
  • Kenna LeeAnn Boldt, Littleton High School, Finalist
  • Ayla Bennett, Littleton High School, Finalist
  • Cerai Cooley, Arapahoe High School
  • Kiana Rain Trujillo, Littleton High School
  • Gabrielle Roose, Arapahoe High School
  • Leah Jo Maloney, Heritage High School
  • Kathryn Braddock, Littleton High School
  • Jasmin Scott, Options High School
  • Donavan Rumsey, Options High School
  • Eden Rivera, Littleton High School
  • River Corless, Arapahoe High School
  • Kylie Wempen, Heritage High School
  • Paris Lyons, Littleton High School
  • Keira Beich, Littleton High School
  • Kaira Zae Clark-Martin, Options High School
  • Elena Roacho, Options High School

This event is sponsored by the Littleton Public Schools Foundation. “The Poetry Slam is our favorite event to support. It gives kids the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences in a safe and non-judgmental space with the power of their voice and written word,” said Beth Best, the LPS Foundation’s executive director. Nate Thompson said, “I’m always amazed at how our student voices can capture the truth about their experience in the world.”

Thank you to all of the poets who shared their work! It was a truly inspiring and emotional event.