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TOPS Nutrition Services

Families with students who are learning from home will have the opportunity to pick up breakfasts and lunches once per week for the whole week. Read about the TOPS meal information on the Nutrition Services website.


In-Person School of Enrollment
Your student's "in-person school of enrollment" is the school your student would attend in person under normal circumstances. Open enrollment status is not affected by TOPS registration.

Synchronous Learning
Learning that takes place in real-time. This might look like students completing daily learning tasks at a specific time where student schedules are “in sync” and at the same pace. Other examples include virtual conferences where the whole class can log on and learn together.

Asynchronous Learning
Learning that takes place without real-time interaction. This would look like students having a week to complete 1-3 lessons, but within that week students are progressing at their own pace. This might include using Google Tools, implementing a project-based learning opportunity, and creating videos that students can watch and re-watch at any time as they progress through the learning.

Online Courseware
Courseware is packaged educational, standards-aligned materials organized in a structured online format.  Students will engage with video, audio, text, and their teacher, both synchronously and asynchronously. The online format includes communication tools, assignments, activities and assessments to guide student learning.  Online teachers will facilitate student’s progress through these materials. While based on grade level standards, the materials will not be the same as students have seen in their in-person school of enrollment.

Support Services for Special Populations
LPS TOPS will have a Special Populations team in order to respond to the unique needs of the students who enroll in the program. 


For additional assistance, contact:
LPS Office of K-12 Education
TOPS Administrative Assistant
Karen Biderman


Program Director
Nathan Frasier

Assistant Principal
Catie Gambrell