Please check back regularly as FAQs are subject to updates and additions.


Little Girl in Pink, Learning at HomeCan I get into TOPS after the registration deadline has passed? After the school year begins?
Please see the TOPS Registration information on the primary TOPS web page for continuing registration information. 

Elementary Registration/Transition: Email the principal at your student’s in-person school of enrollment and the TOPS program director (Nathan Frasier nfrasier[at][dot]us) requesting your student be transferred to TOPS or be transferred from TOPS back to their in-person school of enrollment. Transfer between TOPS and their in-person school of enrollment can only happen once a semester. In the best interest of students, the deadline to make the transition to in-person learning is March 29, 2021 (request must be received no later than March 15). This will ensure timeliness to support the transition academically, socially, and emotionally.  It will also allow for thoughtful planning and coordination between TOPS and in building staff to meet the individual needs of students as they return to in-person and get settled in a new learning environment.

Middle School Registration/Transition:  Email the principal at your student’s in-person school of enrollment and the TOPS program director (Nathan Frasier nfrasier[at][dot]us) requesting your student be transferred to TOPS or be transferred from TOPS back to their in-person school of enrollment.

Middle School Students wishing to return to in-person learning or transfer to TOPS at the end of the 3rd quarter must make the request no later than end of day on Friday, Februray 19th. 

High School Registration/Transition: There are no further opportunites for High School Students to transfer into or from TOPS for the 2020-21 school year.

What will happen to TOPS if the whole district is moved to remote learning after school starts?
LPS is committed to TOPS for the 2020-2021 school year. Many families need consistent, on-going education options regardless of changing health guidelines this year. Students who register and enroll in TOPS will remain part of TOPS even if the rest of the district moves to remote learning (see registration timelines for more information). Students wishing to return to their school of in-person learning will follow the outlined timeline; elementary school – anytime, middle school – at a quarter, and high school – at the semester.

Will enrolling in TOPS affect my student’s open enrollment status at their current school?
Open enrollment status is not affected by TOPS registration. Students will have to remain in good standing and complete the annual intent to renew enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year. See additional information regarding optional/open enrollment.

How many students are in TOPS? 
There are roughly 1758 students in TOPS, grades K-12 (+).  

Curriculum / Program Info

When can I see what classes are offered? 
TOPS Course Catalog  //  TOPS Catálogo de Cursos 

Second Semester: TOPS Course Guide available on the LPS website.  Second semester schedules will be available in Infinite Campus January 4.

What will the TOPS day be like?

This will depend on grade level.  Elementary Bell Schedule and Secondary Bell Schedule.  Secondary students will have 5 to 6 classes total over an A and B day.  Students will have “unscheduled” time during the school day to work on classwork.  Students are expected to take attendance and complete coursework each period, including asynchronous elective courses.  
TOPS Secondary:  TOPS has an A/B rotating schedule.  Students will “attend” Periods 1-4 on A Days and Periods 5-8 on B Days.   Students will have 5 to 6 courses total and will have “unscheduled” periods during the school day.   

Schedules will depend on grade level. Please see an EXAMPLE schedule here. Middle and High School TOPS students will have 5-6 classes, giving them full time status. In an online program, students are given unscheduled time to do independent work.

What does attendance look like at TOPS?

TOPS Elementary: Attendance is monitored through daily attendance check in forms, daily engagement with online learning activities (Pearson, SuperKids, Dreambox, and/or i-Ready), and participation in synchronous learning sessions. Regular, consistent engagement with online learning activities and participation in synchronous sessions is required each day. 

TOPS Secondary:  This will depend on the student’s classes.

Everyday:  Students are responsible for submitting a Google Form for each class during the class period.  This will be done for BOTH Synchronous and Asynchronous learning days/classes.  Students will complete course work each day.     

Synchronous (Google Meet) Class Periods:  For Math, Language Arts/English, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish courses students will have 1 to 3 Google Meets each week.  Students are EXPECTED to attend each of these meets.  A student who misses a Google Meets will be marked absent.   

Child Learning on Computer, Teacher on VideoWhere are you finding the teachers to teach the TOPS program?
TOPS teachers (to the degree possible) will be LPS teachers from LPS schools. TOPS will not be affiliated with a specific school as it is a stand alone program, students and teachers will be from all schools. Some advanced courses may be taught by high school teachers (with advanced training) in addition to their responsibilities at their high schools.

What online curriculum will TOPS use?
TOPS K-12 will be using Pearson Connexus as their online curriculum and learning platform. Additional information can be found here.

While materials are not the same as materials used in the classroom for in-person learning, they will address the same standards and concepts. Every effort has been made to ensure students have an engaging, robust learning experience that challenges them and ensures a smooth transition back to in-person learning.

What will the learning experience through Pearson Connexus be like?
Please see this student experience demonstration for more information about how students will use Pearson Connexus. Depending on courses and level not all features may be available. 

What will TOPS students do for P.E. credits? (other electives?)
TOPS is a program, with a smaller staff count than a comprehensive high school. With those limitations, we won’t be able to offer the range of courses that we could in a comprehensive, brick and mortar school. Likewise, not all classes lend themselves to online learning, especially in the areas of performing arts. Students will have some choice in electives, including taking P.E. and all graduation requirement courses for high school students. Elective courses, except for Spanish, will be offered asynchronously.  

Will students have access to post-secondary counseling?

Yes.  Students should continue to work with their in person building counselor as well as access to the Post Grad Center.  See your in person high school website for more information and how to schedule an appointment with the Post Grad Center.  

Will students have access to mental health support?

Yes. We have one school counselor at each grade level (elementary, middle, and high school) who are available by appointment for students and their families.  We also have three school psychologists, and one social worker who address the mental health needs of students receiving special services. Click on the link to visit the TOPS Mental Health Website

What are the concurrent enrollment options for students?
Concurrent enrollment courses will be offered through online options at Arapahoe Community College and Colorado State University.

What are the Honors, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate opportunities for high school students in TOPS?
Honors and Advanced Placement courses may be available based on TOPS program enrollment and student request-see Course Catalog for specific course offerings.    International Baccalaureate courses will not be offered in the TOPS program.

What are the concurrent enrollment options for students?

Concurrent enrollment courses will be offered through online options at Arapahoe Community College.  Speak with your counselor today about enrolling.  

How will students be graded?

TOPS staff and students will have the same grading practices as their in person school of attendance.  For High School students credits will align with credit values of their in person school of attendance.  This will help facilitate transitions back to the in-person schools.   

Will students still have their picture in the yearbook? Have the opportunity to go in for school pictures?
Yes. Students will have their picture in their in-person school’s yearbook. Contact your in-person school for yearbook purchase information.

My high school student needs credit recovery courses, will they be available?

Students in need of credit recovery should speak with their in person building counselor regarding options to fulfill graduation requirements through credit recovery.  

How will TOPS know which classes my student needs?

In-person school staff-counselors will work with TOPS students to identify needed courses that will be offered at TOPS.  Counselors will also plan and register students for classes for the following school year.  

Elementary FAQs

Why is the school day longer than LPS elementary schools? Does my child have to start and end at those times?
The TOPS schedule allows for teachers to schedule synchronous events for different content areas throughout the day and week. Your child may start earlier or later, but synchronous events will be provided during the blocks of time shown on the schedule. The longer school day allows for students to take breaks from the computer throughout the day, but can be modified to fit your child’s needs. 

Will my child  be sitting in front of a computer all day? How long will my child spend on the computer?
Your child will participate in a variety of synchronous and asynchronous activities on the computer, but teachers will also provide learning opportunities that do not require a screen. The total time spent online may vary from day to day, but teachers will never expect your child to sit in front of a screen for the entire school day. Synchronous and asynchronous lessons for literacy and math will be between 15-45 minutes and will require computer use. Follow up learning activities will include a balance of online and offline time. Breaks will also be built into lessons and the school day. 

The schedule does not work for my family, can we create our own household schedule?
Your child may work on recorded lessons and teacher assigned learning activities at times different than those shown on the schedule. It is important to stay on track with lessons and learning activities, but we understand that the exact timing may look different in each household. Synchronous events will be scheduled during the blocks shown on the schedule. Teachers will work with families to schedule synchronous events and some flexibility is possible. Live learning activities allow teachers to get to know your student, provide students with more targeted instruction, give students an opportunity to connect with classmates. 

How many synchronous events will my child be expected to attend?
We would like for students to participate in at least three synchronous 15-30 minutes events per week. One synchronous meeting for peer connection and social emotional learning, one synchronous meeting for literacy, and one synchronous meeting for math. Your child’s teacher will work with you to schedule these events. Students requiring learning support services may have additional synchronous sessions with special service providers. Attendance at the sessions is critical as it provides teachers with an understanding of student learning needs. Teachers may provide additional sessions to increase student engagement and social interaction.

Middle School FAQs


Why don’t have classes scheduled in every block?
TOPS students have all been scheduled for six classes giving them full time status.  In an online program, students are given unscheduled time to do independent work.

Why do I have an 8th grade class when I am in 7th grade (or 7th grade class if in 6th grade)? 
This is specific to math classes only. If you are in an accelerated class, the title of the class will be the grade level above. For example, if you are a 7th grader in “8th grade math,” that means you are in accelerated math. Algebra and geometry are titled as such in schedules.

Why do I have three electives?
Students should only have two elective classes and four core classes. If you have more than two electives, please complete the schedule change form.

Why is my second semester such a mess?
Second semester is still a work in progress as we put priority on first semester classes. The classes for second semester will be taken care of in November and students will have access to their schedules before the end of this semester.

What if I already took a higher math class and I have it on my schedule again?
Please complete the schedule change form and the counselor will make the appropriate change

High School FAQs


Why don’t have classes scheduled in every block?
TOPS students have all been scheduled for six classes giving them full time status and enough credits to remain on track for graduation. In an online program, students are given unscheduled blocks of time to do independent work. There will be some exceptions for students who are in OJT and ACTS.

Why can’t I take two classes in math?
This may be allowed only if the math sections are not overloaded with limited staff. Students will be able to take the math class in line with their grade level graduation requirement.

Why am I not in the honors class I chose (English 10 honors instead of just English 10)? 
We are working with information from spring registration and counselor information from your in person school. This may be an oversight on our part-this would be a scheduling error that we can fix.

Why am I in Western civilization when that is a senior class and I’m not a senior?
Western Civilization is a course that is scheduled at different grades at different high schools. Western Civilization is the equivalent of World History at Littleton High School. 

Why am I not in Integrated Science? 
TOPS does not have Integrated Science. We have talked with administrators at each of the high schools and have aligned it to the TOPS offerings. Integrated Science or Integrated Science I/II students will be enrolled in Physical Science. Integrated III/IV students will be enrolled in Biology, Honors Integrated III/IV students will be enrolled in Chemistry. 

Can I sign up for more than six classes to get ahead?
TOPS is limited on the number of staff who are available to teach classes. Therefore, we have to limit all students to no more than six classes.

What should I do if I’m taking one of the classes I got for TOPS online through BYU?
Please complete the schedule change form and we will double check with your in-person counselor. 

What should I do if I am missing an upper level class like Spanish 3?
As long as you have completed the prerequisite for the upper level class prior to enrolling in TOPS, you can complete the schedule change form to have the change made.

What do I do if I have a job and one of my classes is during the time I have to work?
Please work with your employer to make changes to your work schedule. 

Why is my second semester such a mess?
Second semester is still a work in progress as we put priority on first semester classes.  The classes for second semester will be taken care of in November and students will have access to their schedules before the end of this semester.

My student needs additional support classes that aren’t on his/her schedule-why not?
Our special service provider team is continuing to work on student schedules and are adding appropriate support classes that will support student needs.


Will my high school student continue to make progress toward graduation requirements?
Yes-high school students will be enrolled in a full schedule of courses that will be aligned to the graduation requirements of his/her in-person school. 

Can students participate in graduation or continuation ceremonies at the in-person school of enrollment?
Yes, students who complete their senior year in TOPS and meet LPS high school graduation requirements will be allowed to participate in their in-peron high school’s graduation ceremony at the end of the year. Elementary students and middle school students will be allowed to participate in their in-person school’s continuation ceremonies.

Support Needs

Little Girl Online Learning, Teacher with A Book on ScreenHow will my student’s IEP or 504 Plan be implemented if they are in TOPS?
Students who require the support of an IEP or Section 504 Plan will receive comparable services based on their current needs. There will be licensed special education staff available to provide virtual direct instruction and related services to students as indicated on their IEP.  Reasonable accommodations will be implemented to ensure students have access to their education and make progress on their IEP goals. Plans will be updated annually, just like when students attend their in-person school of enrollment.

If my student has a disability that requires significant support, can they still participate in TOPS?
TOPS staff will work to accommodate, modify and supplement coursework so that every student is able to meaningfully participate in online learning activities.

Will my student receive their Special Education support from the team at their school or from new people?
Depending on program need, LPS will utilize a team of professionals to meet the special education needs of students in TOPS. This may or may not include staff from your current in-person school of enrollment. If not, you can expect that your current team will collaborate with the team at TOPS and that they will have a representative at the IEP meeting.

Will LPS Nutrition Serrvices be available for TOPS Students? 

Families with students who are learning from home will have the opportunity to pick up breakfasts and lunches once per week for the whole week. Read about the TOPS meal information on the Nutrition Services web page.

Information is always changing, so be sure to follow Nutrition Services on their website ( and social media (Instagram @lps_nutrtion_services or Facebook @lpsnutritionservice) for the most up-to-date information.

Internet & Technology

What about families with connectivity/internet access issues? 
TOPS staff will work with LPS on access strategies and resources. Reliable internet is critical for your student’s success.

Will LPS be issuing Chromebooks for TOPS students?
Yes. It is preferred that students use their LPS assigned device. Tech support will be available for staff and students through a central depot.