Sustainability & Energy Management

We make "green" choices when it comes to the cleaning products used in our schools. 

Your Community Dollars Make a Difference...


As part of the 2018 bond, the district has replaced nearly three million dollars worth of LED lighting. All of the new buildings will be fully equipped with LED lighting.


Below are a few bullet points of the standard energy efficiency strategies used in the new Dr. Justina Ford Elementary and/or Newton Middle School buildings:

  • LED lighting fixture are provided to reduce the power densities of the school to reduce energy use.
  • High efficiency roof top mechanical units are provided to reduce energy use.
  • High efficient condensing boilers were utilized to reduce energy use.
  • Destratification fans were utilized to allow greater temperature set point variation and still maintain occupant thermal comfort.
  • International Energy conservation code required continuous thermal insulation were provided.
  • Natural daylighting is provided in the gym and cafetorium to allow lights to be turned off.
  • Low flow water fixtures for water conservation

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All LPS facilities have water bottle fillers. The district is well on its way to having all old drinking fountains replaced with water bottle fillers. Currently 90% of our fountains have been replaced with the newer models to encourage building occupants to reuse their bottles rather than single use plastic. Nutrition Services sell reusable water bottles at the schools that they students can use. What a great way to support sustainability!



Sustainability and Composting at East Elementary

East Elementary did a school-wide project to learn about the impact of plastics in our society and sustainability practices in our school. Through our research, it was discovered there was much we could do at the school level to have a positive impact on our environment. Here are some of the changes we made that have had a direct impact toward East being more sustainable:

  • We recycle all plastic containers in the school and cafeteria
  • We eliminated the use of styrofoam trays in the cafeteria and our PTO has donated to the purchase of compostable lunch trays and trash bags
  • We have eliminated the use of plastic utensils throughout the school.  This includes the cafeteria, breakfast in classrooms, and the staff lounge.  Now we use metal utensils that are reusable.
  • We have learned about how to compost.  All food waste in the cafeteria goes into composting.
  • We do not use plastic water bottles in the building.  All students and staff have reusable water bottles that can be filled at our bottle filling stations throughout the school.
We have loved learning about how we can be more sustainable and directly impact the environment.  There is still much to learn so we can have a healthy planet Earth.  
 East Elementary