Security Measures

Security Measures

  • 24-hour centralized electronic security monitoring system for all district facilities
  • 24-hour centralized security personnel, nightly patrols of district sites and rapid 24/7 response
  • Radio communication system that allows 24-hour direct contact with law enforcement agencies
  • Identification badges for all custodial, transportation, and school staff
  • Campus supervisors are in place at all high schools
  • Nonessential doors have been locked
  • Visitors and guests are required to sign in at the main office and wear identification
  • Enforce community building use agreements and district security procedures regarding community use
  • Restrict community organizations to one building access location
  • Revoke community use privileges to organizations that fail to comply with district security procedures
  • School Resource Officers in place at high schools and available for middle schools
  • Telephones in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms

Resource Officers

Littleton Public Schools is staffed by School Resource Officers (SRO) at the secondary schools in addition to the other security personnel. The SROs are employed by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office and the Littleton Police Department. The SROs have an office in each middle and high school. The SROs initiate criminal complaints, follow up on investigations and traffic enforcement within and around the school communities. They regularly attend numerous school functions such as PTO meetings and sporting activities.

Resource officers also provide classroom instruction on substance abuse, laws related to education, and participation in community-related work groups for youth issues, such as truancy. The elementary schools are also supported by the SRO Program, with officers from each agency's community resource office providing educational support.

Facility Enhancements

  • Continue to adjust and replace unreliable exterior door hardware at all schools.
  • All schools are now under key card access control and security schedules.
  • Installed additional portable security gates to isolate after school activities to area being used.
  • Increased the number of portable two-way radios at each school site.
  • Building modifications to improve sight lines from office to the main entrance.
  • All schools have their own security command station.
  • Continue to improve exterior site lighting at school building sites.