Screen Time Contracts:   

  • The idea of starting off with a discussion about general principles and philosophy of technology as a family is a great place to start.
  • We think it would be good to expand the discussion beyond smartphones specifically and have an agreement or contract related to screentime in general.
  • Parents need to lead by example.
  • This should be a regular activity, where annually (or whatever frequency), families come back to this discussion and revise the contract.

Digital Citizenship:  

Internet Addiction:  

Parenting Apps: 

Monitoring and Blocking:

  • OurPact - Mobile guidance for your family, available for iOS and Android
  • Curbi - Parental controls for Android and Apple mobile devices (free)
  • ParentKit - Control and schedule what is on your child's iPod, iPad or iPhone

Mindful Apps:

  • Moment - An iOS app that automatically tracks how much you use your iPhone and iPad each day. If you’re using your phone too much, you can set daily limits.  In app purchases (portion free) What apps are used the most, you can control how long they are on the ipad or iphone. Android avail.

Drriving Apps:

  • Drive Safe Mode- This app allows users to monitor or control the most distracting functions of today’s full featured devices. If your teen is texting, Tweeting, Snapchatting or using any other mobile app while in motion, you will get an immediate notification. This app is free to download on the iPhone and Android App Stores. Search DriveSafe Mode
  • Cell Control - This is another option to stop texting and all distractions technology has when your teen is driving. Cell Control has two main components: a hardware device in the vehicle and an app. 


  • SafeSmartSocial- Josh Ochs, teaching students to shine online. Social media safety training
  • Common Sense Media - Empowers parents, teachers, and policymakers by providing unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives.
  • Family Online Safety Institute - International, non-profit organization that works to make the online world safer for kids and their families.
  • Psychology Today's Parenting in a Digital Age - This blog explores how parents and children might live together meaningfully in a digital age.

Sleep & Screens: