Senior Citizen Tax Rebate Program Participants Honored by LPS Board

A very special group of volunteers were recognized by the LPS Board of Education at their September 11th meeting. Along with friends and family, the Board honored participants in the Senior Citizens Tax Rebate for their 10 and 20 year anniversaries in the LPS Program. This program consists of citizens over the age of 60 who earn a rebate toward their Arapahoe County property taxes by volunteering in our school district. 

The SCTR Program was one of the first of its kind in the country and allows citizens over the age of 60 to reduce a portion of their Arapahoe County property taxes by volunteering in the school district. Additionally, the volunteers add perspective, history and a lifetime of experience to the schools they serve – a truly priceless gift. 

We are fortunate to have so many giving volunteers in our community!

10-Year Anniversaries:
Suzanne Alleman - Field Elementary
Susan Bornt - Sandburg Elementary
Teddy Courtney - ESC/Runyon Elementary
Enid Huegel - Twain Elementary
Kathy Keasling - Moody Elementary
Gerda and Robert McGilvray - Littleton Academy
Nancy Parsons - Quilting/Moody Elementary
Christine Peepgrass - Quilting
Margaret Sheahan - Runyon Elementary

20-Year Anniversary:
Phyllis Adams - Hopkins Elementary


Featured Image: (L-R) Jim Stephens, Amy Marszalek, Robert Reichardt, Christine Peepgrass, Suzanne Allemon, Kelly Perez, Carrie Warren-Gully, Gerda and Robert McGilvray, Nancy Parsons (behind them), Brian Ewert, Jack Reutzel, Kathy Keasling, Susan Bornt and Enid Huegel.