Emergency Information

LPS is not currently being impacted by any emergencies


LPS Safety Measures

  • Our district security system is currently one of the most advanced systems used in any school district in the nation. The security department utilizes the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) tiered recommendations in its security deployments. 
  • LPS security personnel monitor law enforcement radios to keep abreast of community situations that may impact our schools. 
  • The LPS security office monitors all LPS campuses (24/7/365) via high definition cameras, both inside and outside of all LPS buildings.
  • All school offices have radios that can communicate directly with the LPS security department when needed.
  • All school offices have “panic” buttons that can immediately lockdown a school and immediately notify the LPS security department of an emergency or crisis situation.  
  • LPS practices and prepares for various emergency situations with monthly drills and works closely with law enforcement on emergency responses.  
  • LPS school resource officers (sworn police officers) help keep our learning environments safe for students and staff. All middle and high schools have an SRO and several SROs serve our elementary schools as needed.
  • The most important thing we can do is be aware of who is in and around our schools.
  • All LPS staff have identification badges and are expected to wear them at all times.
  • School visitors are required to check in at the main office and receive a visitor’s badge. 
  • We stress to employees the importance of stopping individuals they do not know.
  • Students are asked to report any unidentified individuals to a teacher or other school officials immediately.
  • All doors to elementary and middle schools remain locked during the school day, and visitors must be granted access. Our high schools have multiple entrances; however, schools have SROs and campus supervisors patrolling entries and controlling access throughout the school day.
  • Parents and neighbors of our schools can be very helpful by being aware of what is going on in and around the building and reporting unusual activity to LPS Security (303-347-3420).
  • LPS utilizes a comprehensive school safety model that involves emergency preparedness, physical safety and security, mental health and risk assessment, technology tools, and partnerships with law enforcement and other community agencies.
  • LPS schools have adopted the Standard Response Protocol which provides a uniform, planned and practiced response to any incident, creating a foundation for a safe school in the event of severe weather events, fires, accidents, intruders, and other threats to personal safety.
  • LPS security personnel and school teams monitor student communications looking for issues of self-harm, bullying, and threats of potential violence. Prompt action is taken as needed.  
  • LPS security personnel monitor and respond to any Safe2Tell information that is received from students, parents, and community members identifying issues that concern their safety or the safety of others. Trained LPS staff members engage in student threat assessments when warranted.