How to Talk to Your Children about the School Closing - April 17, 2019

Dear LPS Parents,

Please see the following resources from our Social, Emotional and Behavior Services office for tips on talking with your child about today's school closure.  

We are continuing to monitor the situation and our staff will be prepared to support students when they return to school.

Thank you, 
Littleton Public Schools  


How to Talk to Your Children about the School Closing
April 17, 2019

Be honest about the situation, but don’t give more details than needed. Children need brief, simple information that should be balanced with reassurances that their school and homes are safe and that adults are there to protect them.

A way to explain to younger children might be: “The police are looking for someone who needs help because they are worried she might hurt herself or someone else.”

Let your children ask questions. Give space to let them talk and listen to their feelings. Don’t be surprised if your children don’t have a lot of questions or concerns - many times children will quickly return to their typical routines.

Limit exposure to details and media coverage. Adults also should be mindful of the content of conversations they have with each other in front of children, even teenagers. Continued exposure to media can increase anxiety and fear for both  children and adults.

Remind your children that there are many people working together to keep schools safe. When we return to school there will be opportunities for students to talk about school safety.  All schools have mental health professionals and they will be prepared to support students.

For more detailed information on how to talk with your child, please see that attached document or visit