Alternatives to College

Non-College Options for "Life After Littleton"

The Post Grad Center strongly encourages all students to develop a plan for their lives after high school. Whether your plan includes pursuing a college degree or not, EVERY student needs to continue their life's education.  This can include:

- 4 year college degrees
- 2 year college degrees
- training for a certificate in a specific field
- apprenticeships in a skilled labor field
- joining the military
Check out these links to find out more about each of these pathways.  The more you know...!

FREE Training for Construction Careers

Construction Careers Now!

 is offering a FREE, after-school training course through Emily Griffith Technical College.  This exciting course covers:

  • Introduction to Construction Careers
  • Safety
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Building Technologies
  • Leadership
  • 10-hour OSHA Certification
  • Basic math

Click HERE for more information.