How to Apply

Application Process

PART 1: Complete Online Form (HERE)
( The parent statement should be ready to copy and paste into the form before you begin )

  • Student Information
  • Student Interests
  • Parent Statement

PART 2: Collect Documentation
Student Statement
Students, in your own handwriting on a separate sheet of paper in 500 words or fewer, explain why you are interested in joining the Early High School Program at Littleton High School.  Make sure to include the following information in your essay.

  1. How you know you are academically ready for advanced coursework?

  2. How you would use this “head start” on high school to maximize what you get done during your actual high school career?

  3. How you know you are mature enough to be in a high school setting?

  4. What you hope to get FROM the Early High School Program?

  5. What you think you can CONTRIBUTE to the Early High School Program?


  • Your most recent report card
  • Score report from the most recent state or national math test you have taken
  • Score report from the most recent state or national reading test you have taken
  • Score report from the most recent state or national writing test you have taken
  • Your discipline record
  • Your sixth grade attendance
  • Any other state or national test scores that you would like to share with us
  • Signature Page - Verification of Application Information

You must mail or deliver your Part 2 paperwork to Littleton High School, attn. Early High School.


PART 3: Educator Recommendations
Please have three staff members (teacher, counselor, or administrator) at your student’s school complete an online recommendation for your student.  YOU MUST NOTIFY the individuals that you are requesting recommendations/references from that an email will be sent to them for their recommendation. 
The recommendation will be submitted directly to Littleton High School and will not be shared with you.  
COMPLETE THIS FORM that will send an email to your three (3) references.


Early High School 8th Grade Program