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Welcome to the PTO!

Dear Parents and Guardians of all Lois Lenski Elementary Students, 

Welcome to Lois Lenski Elementary School and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  We are glad you are part of our exciting school community. 
We look forward to getting to know you!
Carrie Napolilli and Margie Bradley
PTO Co-Presidents

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Get to Know Your PTO

Who belongs to the PTO and what is its mission? 
It’s you! Lenski’s Parent Teacher Organization is comprised of every parent and teacher at our school. Together, we raise money to pay for the outstanding enrichment staffers who help our kids stay involved, motivated and enthusiastic about learning. Our major fundraiser for the year is our Annual Giving Campaign.  Additional information about this campaign can be found on the home page.   The PTO also organizes many events throughout the school year to bring our Lenski families together for fun activities like Bingo Night. We also facilitate special lunches and gifts for our wonderful teachers and staff.  

What does the PTO do for my child? 
We are “people providers.” Lenski is one of only a handful of schools with a licensed counselor; art teachers for every grade level; a full-time music teacher; a full-time gifted and talented instructor; a library staff with extensive research and technical expertise; trained instructors in computer lab; an energetic physical education coach; and playground supervisors who keep a watchful eye at recess. These people are in place because of the money PTO provides. 

Don’t my property taxes already pay for my child’s public school education? 
The state of Colorado does not fully fund the comprehensive education you’ve come to expect at Lenski. In fact, there is a $150 difference or “gap” between what the state provides and the cost of educating each student to our higher standards. Continued cutbacks to education at the state level make our schools even more dependent on parent and corporate donations to bridge this gap. 

Who decides how donations are spent? 
PTO Board members, in conjunction with the principal and staff members, meet regularly to assess students’ needs and decide how to best allocate the resources for the benefit of every child. As a PTO member, you’re welcome to attend monthly meetings with elected PTO leaders. 

I wrote a check last year – isn’t that enough? 
Unfortunately, it’s not. We empty our coffers each year to keep our programs running smoothly. Raising money becomes even more critical as the cost of quality education exceeds available funds. We depend on annual donations from parents, families, and community members to fund the award-winning curriculum you’ve come to expect at Lenski. Every contribution is meaningful and is used to construct the educational building blocks that secure a successful future for our children. 

How can I help? 
There are a variety of ways for both stay-at-home and working parents to help the PTO. Your time and talents are valuable assets – each of them enhances and enriches our fundraising efforts. You can volunteer in the classroom, serve on a committee, do administrative work from home, solicit corporate donations, provide in-kind services … the possibilities are endless. If you have interest or specific fundraising skills, please contact LenskiPTO[at]gmail[dot]com