Online Student Directory Information

We are happy to announce that the Lenski DirectorySpot App is now UPDATED for this school year!  For those of you who used this app last year, please login as usual with your email and password.  For those of you who are new users, you have been set up as a user for DirectorySpot and can now download it for free from the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users), or you can also access the data from the your computer.  (New users should have received an email from DirectorySpot.)  Please read the directions carefully. 
For smartphone/iPad users:
  1. Download the DirectorySpot app by going to your app store and searching "DirectorySpot" or by clicking on the appropriate link here: iPhone or Android (if downloading to an iPad, just search for "iPhone apps" and you will find DirectorySpot)
  2. Launch DirectorySpot, enter your email address as your Username, and click on "Reset Password."
  3. Click on the link in your email to set your password, relaunch the DirectorySpot app, and login with your username and password.
 For computer users:
  1. Go to and click on "Login" in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Enter your email address as your username, and click on "Reset Password."  An email will be sent to you with a link to set your password.
  3. Click on the link in your email to set your password and login.
Make sure to check out all the features, such as the auto dial when you click on a phone number, or the auto launching of maps when you click on an address.  DirectorySpot will even create an email if you click on someone's email address.
There are 3 tabs in the app:
Family:  list of the families at Lenski that have submitted their contact information into the directory-includes parent/guardian names and children with their teachers' names (may also include email addresses, phone numbers and addresses)
Teacher:  lists the teacher's information along with the list of children in their classroom  (For those that did not submit contact information they will not be in the class list under the teacher's class)
Calendar:  displays the currently monthly calendar for Lenski.
If you prefer having a printed copy of the directory, login on your COMPUTER and click on "Download PDF."  You can then print it for your use at home.  Be aware that by relying solely on a printed copy, you will not have access to any updates to the directory throughout the year.
If you have any questions or data changes throughout the year, please contact me and I will update it on the App.  If you missed the opportunity to load your contact information, it's not too late.  Send me an email and I can take care of it. If you are without a computer and would like to be added and need a hard copy, please let me know.

Directory Spot App

Click here to access the directory.