Welcome to PE

Ask students about their favorite activities at Lenski and PE ranks at the top. It’s not surprising. They have a lot of fun while exploring movement and learning new skills.
  • Kindergartners through second graders focus on developing competency in motor skills (striking, kicking, throwing, and catching) and movement patterns such as loco motor skills (skipping, hopping, gliding, jumping, leaping, and galloping) and more complex skills like, rope climbing, rhythmic activities and dance, manipulatives, jump rope, balancing and body control while moving safely through space (tag games).
  • By the third grade, students begin to combine basic motor skills into more complicated patterns and are introduced to small sided team games including, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, T-ball and Frisbee golf. This is also an opportunity for them to learn strategy, team work, and sportsmanship.
  • Other activities such as scooter games, climbing on the rock wall, climbing ropes, and playing games like Ft. Knox are an opportunity to also develop fitness: both cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.
Please remember to be successful in P.E. students need to be dressed appropriately to participate.  Tennis shoes are required.  

Ms. Shiloh Tiritas