Health Services

Absence Due to Illness

For guidance on determining when your child should stay home due to illness, please see the How Sick is Too Sick? document. 

Dispensing Medication

Whenever possible, children should be given needed medication by their parents at home. Littleton Public Schools encourages parents to work with their doctors to prescribe dosages that can be given at home rather than at school. However, if children must receive medication during the school day, it must be given by a registered nurse or someone under the direction and supervision of the nurse. For full details on Littleton Public Schools medication policy please click here

The school must have a permission signed by both parent and physician that clearly states th ename of the medication, dose, and the exact time it is to be administered at school. Please use the Medication Authorization form for any medication (including over the counter medications) brought to school.

Hello, my name is Kim Gates and I am the school nurse consultant for Lenski Elementary.  LPS contracts with Children’s Hospital to provide nursing oversight and we have 6 nurses that cover the schools in the district.  We collaborate with the educators to keep all of our students healthy and at school, learning.  Thank you for trusting your children to us and feel free to contact me with any health concerns.


Kim Gates

School Nurse Consultant for Littleton Public Schools

Children's Hospital Colorado

Phone: 720-827-6455



Lenski Health Assistant

Lynn Davies