Gifted & Talented

Welcome to Gifted and Talented at Lenski

Giftedness is the ability to learn well beyond the expected level of one’s peers. It can be discovered through outstanding student performance, scoring in the 95th percentile or higher on nationally normed tests such as the ITBS or CogAT, or through observing student behaviors and responses. 

At Lois Lenski, enhanced educational services are delivered through a collaborative effort of differentiated classroom instruction, pull-out programming, advanced class placements, and before- and after-school enrichment opportunities.

  • G/T Pull-Out Programs provide curriculum extensions and the opportunity for high ability students to explore topics with their academic peers during the school day. The staff at Lois Lenski implements a standards-based math program which includes mastery of basic facts and problem solving.
  • Students in grades three through five are ability grouped for Mathematics. A common math time throughout the school allows students to be accelerated, as needed, to the next grade level for math instruction.
  • Advanced Learning Plans are used at Lois Lenski and throughout Littleton Public Schools to communicate state and national test scores, strengths and weaknesses, differentiated instruction, and pull-out programming. ALPs are sent home annually to parents of identified gifted children.

 Battle of the Books is a program for 4th and 5th grade students that celebrates reading and runs every other week during lunch throughout the fall trimester. Students are asked to read up to 15 novels throughout the summer and fall and then play various games to demonstrate their knowledge of those books. Selected students are then asked to represent Lenski at a district Battle of the Books that is held in December. 

The Lenski Spelling Bee occurs at the end of January every year. Students in 4th and 5th grade take a pretest in their classrooms in November and then those with the strongest scores participate in a spelling club once a week during lunch in December and January. The winner of the Lenski Spelling Bee represents Lenski at the District Spelling Bee held at Powell Middle School in February.
Math Olympiad is a program that runs through the winter and spring trimesters for 4th and 5th graders. Students complete various math problems individually and in groups in their math classes and take quizzes to demonstrate their understanding. A 4th grade and a 5th grade team are selected to practice weekly during lunch in the spring to prepare for the District Math Olympiad which is held in April. 
Know Brainer Trivia Club is a program for 4th and 5th graders that meets every other week. Exposure to geography, history, math, language and science information helps students prepare for games and activities. Selected students represent Lenski at a competition in April.

Katie Heissenbuttel