Learning Support Services

Welcome to Learning Support Services

The Learning Support Services team at Lenski supports students in grades K-5. Our team is made up of 

  • special education teachers, Jaimee Mulder and Laurie Hiland

  • school psychologist, Sabine Baez

  • mental health specialist, Shannon Ritchey

  • speech language pathologist, Kim Meyers

  • occupational therapist, Kasey Harmon

  • paraprofessionals, Nicole Greene and Leona Tanner

We support students with academic, speech-language, motor, and/or behavioral needs based on the Individual Educational Program (IEP).  Services can  include  support in the general education classroom, pull-out services with direct individualized instruction and/or consultation services.

We also participate and collaborate with teachers and parents on the Student Intervention Team (SIT) to problem-solve and document targeted classroom accommodations and interventions that help struggling students access grade level curriculum.  Through this process the team, including parents, may agree to evaluations to determine qualifications for special education services following state eligibility criteria.

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Mrs. Sabine Baez

School Psychologist


Ms. Kasey Harmon

Occupational Therapist



Mrs. Jamie Mulder

Special Education Teacher


Mrs. Kim Meyers

Mrs. Laurie Hiland

Special Education Teacher


Mrs. Shannon Ritchey

Mental Health Specialist