2nd Grade

Welcome to Second Grade

Overview of 2nd Grade 

Second grade is an outstanding year of learning, exploring new ideas and growing in confidence and abilities!  Students continue to develop friendships and learn social skills through the Second Step Program.  Our main goal is to develop the student as a whole using 21st Century skills.

Through Superkids curriculum, second graders read a variety or fiction and non-fiction. We emphasize comprehension, decoding, and fluency.  Our goal is to build an enthusiasm for reading and create life-long readers.  Students learn to enjoy reading for pleasure as well as in content areas. Spelling and word work are integral parts of our daily instruction.  As writers, second grade students explore the writing process to plan and draft a variety of literary genres including personal narratives, informational and opinion pieces.  

Woven throughout the year are various Social Studies and Science Units.  As we focus on each unit, through the integration of core subjects and technology, students record observations and knowledge.  In Science they study states of matter and plants. Our Social Studies units emphasize early Littleton, geography, current events and personal finance. 


Denver Botanic Gardens
Field Trip (Habitats)
Littleton Historical Museum
Field Trip (Early Littleton)
Miss Veronica
Early Littleton
Early Littleton Day
Centers and Song & Dance Program
Students perform their own Melodrama
Extensive Country Research
Country Night - Raise money for selected charity
Meteorologist Speaker
Incorporated throughout the curriculum

Monica Brown

Nikki Capps

Mary Broussely

Liz Fahlstedt