Nutrition Services

23-24 School Meal Updates

With the passing of Healthy School Meals for All (HSMA), Littleton Public Schools is proud to offer free reimbursable breakfast and lunch to all students this school year. We still encourage families to complete the Meal Benefit Application form once it's made available on August 1, 2023. Your family could be eligible to recieve other benefits outside of free meals by completing this form and it helps the district with funding.

Students are able to obtain one free reimbursable breakfast and lunch per day. All students will need funds in their account or cash on hand to purchase snacks/a-la-carte, extra entree items, or additional meals.


Need menus? Try our interactive menus (select Lenski from the drop down menu) and smart phone app! The interactive menus allow parents and students to hover over an item to see a description, nutrient information, and allergen information. It also has an allergen filter and carb count information. 

Need to add money to your child's account? You can add money to your child’s school lunch using School Cafe. Questions? Please contact LPS Nutrition Services, 303-347-3355. Visit the Nutrition Services website for additional information. Want to pay by check? You can send cash/checks with your student's name included and designate if it is to be used for lunches only or for lunch and snacks. Families with more than one student may send one check with a note, to divide the money between students. Please remember, students are not allowed to use another student's account!  

Do you wonder what your child is having for lunch? Would you like to see what snacks they are buying? Well, you can.  Please follow the link to download the Linq Connect  app. This app allows you to put money into your child's account and see what they have chosen for lunch each day. IOS users download the appAndroid users download the app.

It is important to note that we cannot put any restriction on what your child is purchasing per school policy. If you would like to prevent your child from buying a certain type and/or quantity of snack, you will need to complete this form and return it to your child's teacher. 

Need to know about lunch cost, free and reduced lunch, and nutrition information? See Nutrition Services for all that and more!

Breakfast and Lunch Details


Breakfast Entree   $1.25

Breakfast Breads   $1.25

Second Lunch        $5.00

Extra Entree           $1.25

Adult Breakfast  A la carte pricing

Adult Lunch              $5.00

Milk                          $0.90