Inside Day Procedures

Under certain circumstances children will be allowed inside the building in the morning before school.  This will happen if the weather is wet or temperatures are below 20 degrees.  Listed below are the "INSIDE DAY" procedures. As you can see, we expect children to be outside and prepared with clothing for weather above 20 degrees.


    The principal will decide when it is an "inside day" based on weather conditions.


  •    If it is raining or snowing outside, students have an inside day.
  •    If it is below 20° outside students have an inside day.  The wind chill factor is utilized in determining the temperature.
  •    All students are expected to dress properly and go outside for their recess periods if the above two conditions do not exist.
  •  If a student is recuperating from an illness, he/she needs a parent permission slip to stay in for the day.  The student will sit in the office during the lunch and recess period doing homework or reading a book.