Music Classes are available starting in the fall semester. Students that participate in the fall have the opportunity to continue on in the spring semester classes. Students that did not complete the fall session are not admitted to the spring classes.



Grades: 3-5

Session:  1/22-5/6 (no class 2/19, 3/4, 3/25, 4/22)

Day: Monday

Time: 2:45-3:45 



Guitar Flyer


Beginning Violin

Grades: 2-5

Session:  2/8- 5/2  (no class 3/7, 3/28)

Day: Thursday 

Time: 2:45-3:45

Advanced Violin

Grades: 3-5

Session: 2/7- 5/1  (no class 3/6, 3/27)

Day: Wednesday

Time: 2:45-3:45


Strings I & II Flyer


Beginning Band

Grades: 4-5

Session: 1/25-5/2 (No class 3/7, 3/28)

Days: Thursday

Time: 2:45-3:45 

Advanced Band

Grades: 4-5

Session: 1/23-5/7 (No class 3/5, 3/26)

Time: 2:45-3:45 

Days: Tuesday


Band Flyer


Please note: When there is a weather closure, early dismissal, or delayed start for LPS schools ALL Enrichment Activities will be cancelled. Your Enrichment Vendor will contact you directly with schedule changes or adjustments. If you have any questions about cancellations please call the vendor directly or the school office 303-347-4575.