Health Services

Littleton Public Schools contracts with The Children's Hospital to provide School Nurse Consultants.

Amy Marszalek, Health Clerk
Fax:  303-347-6939

Charlotte Brazelton, BSN, RN provides services for the following schools:

  • Franklin Elementary School
  • Hopkins Elementary School
  • Twain Elementary School
  • Lenski Elementary School

Geri Johnson MS, RN provides services for the following schools:

  • Moody Elementary School
  • Runyon Elementary School
  • Newton Middle School
  • Littleton High School 

Katie Maldonado, BSN, RN provides services for the following schools:

  • Sandburg Elementary School
  • Euclid Middle School
  • Arapahoe High School

Sarah Orlando, BSN, RN provides services for the following schools:

  • East Elementary School
  • Field Elementary School
  • Peabody Elementary School
  • Littleton Academy
  • Littleton Preparatory School

Nicole Guider,  BSN, RN provides services for the following schools:

  • Centennial Academy
  • Highland Elementary School
  • Powell Middle School
  • Transition Services
  • Alternative Programs (Options Secondary, Voyager MS/HS)
  • Phoenix Program

Janet Deutsch, MS, RN provides services for the following schools:

  • Goddard Middle School
  • The Village @ Ames
  • The Village @ North
  • Child Find
  • Heritage High School
  • Wilder Elementary School
  • NOVA

Health Plans and Medication Resources

*Please contact your school’s Nurse Consultant if you are initiating or updating a health plan for your student.  

Elementary School Student Health Plans

Severe Allergy Plan

Asthma Care Plan

Seizure Action Plan

Middle School and High School Student Health Plans

*If your student will be self-carrying and self-administering medications, a health plan is still required if the intent is for staff to be aware of your student’s health condition, and if they are expected to assist in emergencies.  

Severe Allergy Plan

Self Carry Contract Severe Allergy 2017-2018

Asthma Care Plan 2017-2018 with SELF CARRY

Seizure Action Plan

Resources for Families Needing a Health Plan for Diabetes

Medication Resources

*If your student’s medications are already included in a health care plan and is signed by both the provider and parent, an additional Medication Form is not required.  

Medication Authorization.pdf

Student Insurance

Littleton Public Schools has selected the Student Insurance Plan from UnitedHealthcare to make reliable coverage available to parents. If you don't have other insurance, this plan may be a resource to consider. Additionally, even if you have other coverage this plan can fill expensive "gaps" caused by deductibles and co-pays. Coverage may be purchased at any time during the school year by visiting