LPS Open Enrollment Windows

In an effort to better serve families LPS now offers two open enrollment windows. All qualified students who apply within an open enrollment window will be part of a random drawing for acceptance, following district enrollment guidelines.  This means families will have several weeks to turn in open enrollment applications for a random drawing of qualified students. Families will no longer feel pressured to line up on October 1st to turn in applications for open enrollment.  Open enrollment applications must be turned in to each requested school. Families are encouraged to apply during window one.  Enrollment for the 2021–2022 school year is as follows:

  • Enrollment Window One begins October 1, 2020 and ends November 13, 2020. Students will be notified by the end of the first full week in December (December 11, 2020). Students who apply, and are not chosen in Open Enrollment Window One, will be placed on a waitlist.  Should space become available, a random drawing, based on LPS Open Enrollment Guidelines will occur.  Additionally, students who applied in Open Enrollment Window One, will be placed in the random drawing before students who applied during Open Enrollment Window Two. 
  • Enrollment Window Two begins November 16, 2020 and ends the first Friday following winter break (January 8, 2021). Students will be notified by the second Friday of the second semester (January 15, 2021).  
  • Because preschool and kindergarten registration does not take place until January, families will be notified of open enrollment acceptance by the end of January. 

    Open Enrollment Checklist

    • Email open enrollment form with required documentation to the school.
      ** IMPORTANT: In Person form drop off will not be accepted for the 2021-2022 school year. Please keep in mind it is no longer a first come first served format.

    1. 2021-2022 In-District Open Enrollment
    2. 2021-2022 In -District Open Enrollment Spanish
    3. 2021-2022 Non-Resident Enrollment - English
    4. 2021-2022 Non-Resident Enrollment Spanish
    5. 2021-2022 Intent to Renew Enrollment English 
    6. 2021-2022 Intent to Renew Enrollment Spanish


    If you are new to LPS, once accepted by the school, you will register with the district central registrar. All students NEW to LPS must register by completing an online pre-registration form and meeting with the Central Registrar. 

    If you are an existing LPS student, you do not need to register with Central Registration.  

    Open Enrollment Reminders

    • Open enrollment applications must be emailed directly to the school.  All open enrollment requests must be approved before students can be registered.
    • Existing open enrolled students, resident and non-resident, wanting to continue at the same school next year must complete an "Intent to Renew" form. Intent to Renew is due no later than January 8th. This form is available on the district website starting October 1, 2020. Families are encouraged to complete and email the Intent to Renew form at the earliest possible date.
    • Existing open enrolled elementary and middle school students who will be moving to a differnt school (5th-6th grade or 8th-9th grade transition) must complete a new open enrollment application.

    Parents are responsible for providing transportation for open enrolled students.  District transportation may be provided when space is available on established bus route. To see if bus transportation may be available, please visit the Bus Transportation page on the district website and complete an online “space availability” form. Keep in mind that space available transportation requests may not be processed until October.