A group of over 50 Arapahoe students, faculty and administration were chosen from over 100 students who applied to travel to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming to renew and nurture the relationship between the school and the Northern Arapaho Nation. The trip was sponsored by the Class of 2019 as part of their graduation gift to Arapahoe, under the leadership of class sponsors Shannon Kershaw and Jim Morahan. The contingent from AHS visited two schools on their journey, Wyoming Indian High School and St. Stephens Indian School. During their time on the reservation the group of students shared meals, toured classes, played games and developed friendships with their counterparts at our sister schools. Principal Natalie Pramenko has worked hard to perpetuate and rekindle the relationship annually by alternating visits between the schools. She had this to say about the trip, ”I am very proud of our students who took the time to join us on this incredible journey. I am very grateful to have shared this experience with our Warriors and with those we interacted with on the Wind River Reservation.”

Senior Spencer Fleming was one of the students chosen to attend and he stated that “even though our backgrounds and cultures are different, we still have the same passions and dreams.” Freshman Madeline Greenberg spotted a quote on the wall at St. Stephens which reads “You don’t need a new day to start over, you need a new mindset”. When asked to expand on why that stuck with her, she remarked “it speaks to the struggle that the Native American Community has faced in trying to preserve their culture. The people’s pride and love for their community has truly touched me on this trip”.


Thank you to the incredible students, Mrs. Pramenko and the other chaperones for being great ambassadors from Arapahoe High School to our friends on the Wind River Reservation.

To find out more about the Arapaho Tribe relationship with Arapahoe High School please click here: https://littletonpublicschools.net/schools/arapahoe-high-school/arapaho-relationship