When reflecting on our students over the summer, we're reminded that our collective, twenty year old vision remains focused. For over 20 years we’ve focused on

Core Knowledge

Core Virtues

Core Excellence

We hope that you find Littleton Academy’s education to be everything that you envisioned when you won the lottery—academically rigorous, content rich, a warm and caring environment.

We are so proud to share in each student’s efforts in his or her studies, activities and athletics, and the development of their character.

In the book Make it Stick, the authors relate the story of Mia and the lessons she learned at the army’s jump school in Fort Benning, Georgia. The jump school is designed “to make sure you get it right and get it done” and it is a “model of learning through desirable difficulty.” It is one thing to feel confident of your knowledge and skills and it’s another to demonstrate mastery. Like Mia, we strive to have our students demonstrate mastery and develop the qualities of a lifelong learner.