Kindergarten Information Night Slide Show

All homework and assignments are on Google Classroom.  Google Classroom are shared with current students only.

Core Knowledge is a clear and sequential body of knowledge that builds each year beginning with What your Kindergartner Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.  Because we are a public school in Colorado, we have aligned CK with Colorado Academic Standards.  The body of knowledge can be found in the Core Knowledge Sequence  and the text Core Virtues by Mary Beth Klee.

What is an academic Kindergarten?

     Within the academic contents and throughout the school day, we have high expectations for Kindergarteners as we build the foundation for the rest of their schooling.

  • Our academic Kindergarten expects all students to work on reading, writing and math at school and at home every day.
  • Our academic Kindergarten fosters independence and expects strong listening and speaking skills through whole group instruction, small group and independent play, and independent practice.

Core Knowledge Kindergarten

  • Well-structured and sequential phonics-based reading skills as well as correct spelling and vocabulary development
  • Manuscript printing in grades K-2.
  • Math computation as an essential building block for developing higher levels of competence and problem solving capabilities.
  • History and geography, American heritage and world cultures. Students will also study physical and life sciences and apply the scientific method.
  • Art, music, technology, and physical education at all levels, K-8. Spanish instruction begins in 1st grade. 

The Academic Curriculum in Kindergarten will include:

Reading  and Spelling

  • ability grouped with grouping subject to change throughout the year
  • formally assessed with norm-referenced tools and benchmarked

· Math

  • whole group in K; ability grouped in grades 1-8
  • formally assessed with program specific tools and benchmarked

· Writing

  • whole group until grades 6-8
  • formally assessed with building specific tools and benchmarked

· Science · Social Studies

  • whole group
  • content mastery expected

· Art and Music

  • whole group
  • content mastery expected