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Class Supply Lists

Click on the links below to see the school fees your family owes and the supplies required for each grade.  School fees can be paid by check or cash, we have no credit card system.

School Fees

Kindergarten Supply List

1st Grade Supply List            2nd Grade Supply List

3rd Grade Supply List            4th Grade Supply List

5th Grade Supply List            6th Grade Supply List

7th Grade Supply List           8th Grade Supply List

Summer Reading Challenge

The Ultimate Summer Challenge is a fun, optional activity meant to fill your summer with entertaining activities while keeping your mind and body moving. This year’s Challenge is designed to make your student’s summertime for expanding brainpower and getting ready to dive into a new year at Littleton Academy. Grade-specific challenges focus on what your student will be learning next year.  Find the challenges that interest your student and let their imagination and curiosity lead the way…..the aim is to gain knowledge, encourage creativity, and have fun over the summer break.  
If you would like to participate, please print the game board, general challenges (these are challenges any age student can complete), and the grade-level challenges for the grade you are entering next school year.  When you complete a challenge, enter the challenge # on your game board and save the item completed or souvenir from the event and keep it in a folder or binder.

1. If you start the Challenge and do not finish, celebrate your successes and turn in what you did complete. 
2. Please keep all of your pictures, writings, maps, ticket stubs, etc. in a folder or binder and return it to Mrs. Graziano the 1st week of school.
3. Please label all work with your name and Challenge #.
4. There will be prizes for completing the Challenge. (Prizes will be determined after participation is calculated.)
5. The Challenge begins on the last day of school and ends in August.

Click here to get resources.

Important Dates

Monday, August 16: 
     First Day for all middle school students 
- bring all of your supplies on this day
Tuesday, August 17: 
     First Day for all 1st-5th graders 
- bring all of your supplies on this day
Thursday, August 19:  
First Day for all kindergarteners - bring all of your supplies on this day
August 16-18 Kindergarten Readingess testing by schedule

Wednesday, August 25:  Back to School Night for all grades
Description:Grades K-2 5:00-5:50pm
Grades 3-5 6:00-6:50pm
Grades 6-8 7:00-8:30pm

     Thursday, September 2 - 25th Anniversary Celebration

Medication at School

In order to have medication at school, including over the counter medication, you and your physcian must fill out the appropriate form. The Medication Authorization Form is for any medication that is not an inhaler or an EpiPen. The Inhaler and Anaphylaxis plans cover any medication that is included in the plan.

Medication Authorization Form

Inhaler Plan

Anaphylaxis Plan


If your student has had an immunization UPDATE this year, please provide a copy to the office. 
If you immunization status has not changed, we do not need a new copy.