Hot Lunch

Lunch/Recess Times:

Grades 5-8: 10:54-11:44 
5-6:  eat 10:54-11:15; recess 11:15-11:44
7-8:  recess 10:54-11:20; eat 11:15-11:44

Grades K-3:  11:47-12:37
K-2:  eat 11:47-12:09; recess 12:09-12:37
3-4:  recess 11:47-12:09; eat 12:14-12:37

Hot Lunch at Littleton Academy

Eligible families that would like to apply for Meal Benefits through Littleton Public Schools, please visit the LPS Nutrition Services website for information or there are paper copies of this application in the Littleton Academy front office.

Littleton Public Schools will be providing hot lunch with same day ordering. Each morning in home room a lunch count will be taken. Your child will need to know each morning if they will have hot lunch. It will be very important for your child to be on time each morning.

Tardy students (past 8:30AM) will not be able to order lunch.

The hot lunch program is a "pay-ahead" program and you must set up a hot lunch account. You will need your student’s Littleton Public Schools ID number to set up your account. The website should walk you through all the steps to set up your account. If you do not know your students LPS ID #, please call Mrs. Childers in the office. After you have an account, please be sure to go to account settings and set up email alerts for a monthly statement as well as a low balance alert so your account is never overdrawn. There is a fee for adding funds to your account so you may want to add enough to cover lunch for several weeks. We will not accept checks or cash for hot lunch. If we collect checks and cash it requires bookkeeping time as well as going to the bank and we do not have the staff for this procedure.

In cooperation with Littleton Public Schools, we will continue to participate in a federally funded hot lunch program that will provide free and reduced lunch for our families in need. This process is strictly confidential. We will send information on how to sign up for hot lunch and that will include the procedure to sign up for Free and Reduced Lunch.

This program has been a great success at Littleton Academy because of our wonderful hot lunch volunteers! Volunteering at lunch is a great way to spend some time with the kids and get in your volunteer hours. Please contact LASA if you are interested in helping at lunch on the playground.