3rd Grade

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Core Knowledge is a clear and sequential body of knowledge that builds each year beginning with What your Third Grader Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.  Because we are a public school in Colorado, we have aligned CK with Colorado Academic Standards.  The body of knowledge can be found in the Core Knowledge Sequence  and the text Core Virtues by Mary Beth Klee.

Third grade dives into Ancient Rome with the roman play; mammals; Vikings; the nervous system; explorers; 13 colonies; eyes, light and color; ecology and more.

Core Knowledge Sayings and Phrases that students learn: Actions speak louder than words; His bark is worse than his bite;  Beat around the bush; Beggars can’t be choosers; Clean bill of health; Cold shoulder; A feather in your cap; Last straw; Let bygones be bygones;. One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel; On its last legs; Rule the roost; The show must go on.