Staff Alphabetical List

Littleton Academy Staff

Ingrid Anderson
Elementary Math
Ext 150
Millicent Ambroggio
Middle School English
Ext 152
Melissa Anderson
Music Teacher
Ext 119
Susie Bissett
MS Spanish
Ext 117
Kelly Childers
Ext 303
Stacy Colter
Elementary Reading
Ext 115
Alicia Cox
Third Grade
Ext 111
Michelle Davis
Kindergarten AM
Ext 127
Jen de Loe
Elementary Spanish
Ext 202
Sara Deady
Second Grade
Ext 107
Lucas Denman
MS Math
Ext 152
Alicen Fair
Second Grade
Ext 109
Leanne Gossack
Fourth Grade
Ext 113
Jim Graeber
Ext 155
Liz Graziano
Third Grade
Ext 110
Melissa Greer
Art Teacher
Ext 118
Holly Griffin
Technology Teacher
Ext 161
Taylor Grillo
First Grade
Ext 104
Britta Groll
Kendra Haag
SPED Paraprofessional
Ext 125
Laini Hartzell
First Grade
Ext 108
Rachel Heckel
SPED Lead Teacher and Dept. Chair
Ext 164
Kerry Hercher
Ext 173
Karen Hooper
Kindergarten PM
Ext 102
Stephanie Weeber
K/1st Reading
Ext 126
Sherrie Wynder
Ext 305
Corky Jaster
Coordinator of Support Services
Ext 304
Elizabeth Jenkins
Christie Jeppesen
Elementary G/T Reading
Ext 117
Jan Johnson
Assistant to Administration
Ext 304
Juliette Ling
Fifth Grade
Ext 121
Jacqueline Martinez
MS Math
Ext 203
Mindy Mathay
Ext 106
Kathryn McEntire
Middle School Science
Ext 151
Molly McVeigh
6th Grade Social Studies
Ext 157
Marci Moosavi
SACC Director
Ext 162
Rayma Nilsson
Vice Principal
Ext 301
Amber Peterson
Middle School English
Ext 117
Philip Ramsay
MS Social Studies
Ext 204
Jama Rice
Business Administrator
Ext 302
Julie Roos
Fifth Grade
Ext 120
Audra Turkus
Middle School English
Ext 252
Sarah Van Goethem
Fourth Grade
Ext 112