Middle School English

All homework and assignments are on Google Classroom.  Google Classroom are shared with current students only.

Core Knowledge is a clear and sequential body of knowledge that builds each year beginning with What your Sixth Grader Needs to Know, What your Seventh Grader Needs to Know, What your Eighth Grader Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.  Because we are a public school in Colorado, we have aligned CK with Colorado Academic Standards.  The body of knowledge can be found in the Core Knowledge Sequence  and the text Core Virtues by Mary Beth Klee.

English Language Arts includes programming for Vocabulary, Literature, Writing and Grammar with the addition of Greek and Latin Roots and Study Skills for 6th grade only. In order to deliver this content, English Language Arts classes meet 7 times per week (grades 7 and 8) and 9 times per week (grade 6) with all three teachers delivering the same content at a differentiated depth, breadth, and pace as is appropriate to the group. 

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Mrs. Jeppesen -Middle School Honors/GT English Teacher 

Mrs. Peterson - Middle School English Teacher 

Ms. Weinberg - Middle School English Teacher 

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