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Littleton Academy Communication Powerpoint

The Littleton Academy Parent Student Handbook is your first stop with any question about Littleton Academy!
In this handbook, you'll find all of the information about discipline, homework, grading, carpool, absences, late work, etc.

As a parent/guardian, you are asked to read this handbook yearly, and sign the Parental Support Agreement before school begins.

Parent/Student Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

Littleton Academy Student Code of Conduct

As a student of Littleton Academy, I will do my part to help create a safe, orderly, and positive environment where people and property are treated with respect and where learning takes place in classrooms free of disruption.

 The following standards will guide my behavior as I honor the Littleton Academy Code of Conduct:

  1. I will treat every student and staff member with respect, kindness, and courtesy.
  2. I will care for and respect the property of Littleton Academy and all others.
  3. I will honor the Littleton Academy Dress Code.
  4. I will be honest in my schoolwork and in my dealings with others.
  5. I will do my part to help maintain an orderly, safe, and drug-free school.
  6. I will be considerate in my use of food and drinks in the school.
  7. I will respect the privacy of other people’s grades and behavior records.
  8. I will respect others online and not share logins, passwords, inappropriate or hateful content.
  9. I will do my part to help create a disruption-free, positive learning environment, and I will be personally accountable for the consequences of not doing so.