K-Plus Kindergarten Enrichment

Welcome to KED Part Time Program

KED Part Time, Lenski’s extended day enrichment program for kindergarten students, is a tuition based program designed to give Kindergarten students an additional half day of enrichment 2-5 days a week. Teachers reinforce the literacy curriculum and academic concepts taught through a mix of teacher guided and free choice activities that strengthen their gross/fine motor skills, shape their social interactions, and build their confidence as a learner and person.

KED Part Time-Plus Enrichment Activities

·        Daily literature focusing on a letter a week

·        Learning the sights and sounds of letters

·        Daily writing

·        Extending math concepts from kindergarten curriculum

·        Reading in groups and independently

·        Literature inspired arts and crafts

·        Playing in small groups at learning centers to develop problem solving skills and encourage socialization

·        Having fun with songs and movement to advance gross-motor development

·        Making friends and encouraging physical activity during recess

Students may bring a lunch or purchase lunch in the cafeteria.  There is a $50 non-refundable fee due at the time of registration.

Child care for before and after school is also available in Super Stars SACC (School Age Child Care) for an additional cost.