LPS is implementing a new visitor/volunteer screening system at all schools. This system will be for all visitors to use and as a full background check for all volunteers. The visitor check will be completed on all visitors as they enter Lenski building. This check researches national sex offender databases based on a person's ID.
Additionally, this system will do a more complete background check for anyone who will be volunteering to work directly with children. This background check will look at national sex offender databases and will look for any felony convictions on volunteers. The visitor check is free and the volunteer check is $10.00.
● All visitors will stop in the office, enter their names in a new computer 
● An adhesive badge will be printed 
● When finished with visit, stop in the office to check out 
● Volunteers will need to complete an online registration before they can go to the classroom to volunteer. 
● Volunteer at LPS Connect 
● A background check will be performed on the registration 
● When they come in to volunteer the first time, enter name in computer, office checks the volunteers clearance and their ID an a permanent badge is provided. 
● Badges are stored in the office and to be used each time the volunteer enters the building and checks in on the computer.