We have a ton of great open positions on the PTO next year, and we'd love to have you join the new crew! Here is a quick list of the open positions for next year. Some are open and need a lead, and others are looking for shadows to help next year, learn the ropes, and take over for the following year (21-22). For more information, email lenskipto[at]gmail[dot]com
Volunteers needed for 20-21
Classroom Enrichment Lead - OPEN
Community Events - OPEN
Food Drive Lead - OPEN
Golf Tournament Registration Lead - OPEN
School Services Lead - OPEN
Yearbook Lead - OPEN
Ways and Means Lead(s)  - OPEN
Jotform Lead - OPEN
Positions looking for Shadows for 20-21 (would then take over the position for 21-22 school year)
Treasurer - Needs a Shadow
Communications Lead - Needs a Shadow
New Families Ice Cream Social Leads (2) - Needs a Shadow
Technology Lead - Needs a Shadow to Support Sarah Anthony
King Soopers Card, Streets of Southglenn, Amazon Smile, & Box Tops Lead - Needs a Shadow
VIPS - Needs a Shadow
School Supplies/EduKits - Needs a Shadow
Thank you, 
Your Lenski PTO