Dear Parents:

WHEN? This year I will again be teaching a lesson on bike riding and safety for grades 1-5 for 2 weeks from October 3-14, 2019 during PE classes.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Helmets and bikes will be provided; however, if your child would like to use their own bike and/or helmet, they are welcome to bring it to class.  Bikes and helmets can be stored in the school bike rack until class time when the students will be able to walk over and retrieve them.

WHAT IF MY CHILD IS RELUCTANT? Students do not need to have any previous bike riding experience. Please know that each year we have several very anxious students who end up really doing well in this lesson that was developed by Bicycle Colorado. Students learn using the "Strider" bike method and everyone is able to try even if they don't yet know how to ride a bike. The week before we begin biking, I will cover bicycle safety in class.

WHAT HAPPENS IF IT RAINS? In the case of inclement weather the bike lesson will either be postponed or moved indoors depending on the circumstances. As bad weather can move in with little notice, I may or may not have a chance to notify you if we have a last minute change of plans. I have added an extra week to the unit to give a greater chance that everyone gets at least one day with the bikes. 

CAN YOU HELP? Because this lesson has several stations and a lot of equipment it is very helpful if I have parent assistants during classes. If you are able to help with your child's class (or any others that day) I would appreciate it!  I especially need help with the younger students so please consider helping in grades 1 and 2, even if your student is not in that grade. The PE schedule is noted in the volunteer sign-up which can be found here:

WHY SHOULD I HELP? I sure hope you can join me for this very amazing unit; every year we have quite a few students that learn how to ride a bike in this short biking unit. Bike riding is a wonderful lifelong fitness activity! It's so fun to give a child that lifetime gift! I have found working as a team is the most effective way to give that gift.

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Coach Wilson

PE Teacher 
Lenski Elementary School