Did you know King Soopers no longer donates a flat 5% back to Lenski? Instead, the greater the percentage of Lenski families, relatives, and neighbors participating in the program, the greater the percent donation to Lenski. 
It is important that the number of Lenski families enrolled grows at an equal or faster rate than enrollments of other participating organizations. This will ensure a steady flow of funds for Lois Lenski.
Click here to ENROLL TODAY!!
Under ‘Find an Organization” enter Lois Lenski or the NPO number RS659.
Remember to scan your loyalty card or enter Alternate ID at the register each time you check out. You can view the total you earned for Lenski in your account details. For questions about Community Rewards contact – amanda.dail[at]gmail[dot]com
THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors!