Lois Lenski Parents,
The deadline to order and purchase a yearbook for your child is fast approaching!  Please note that yearbook purchases are not included in your child's school fees.  You will need to take a specific action to purchase a yearbook for your child.  You will need to go online to TreeRing's website and order a yearbook for $17.50.  Yearbooks will not be for sale at the school.  Please use the following information to create an account and order your yearbook:
Enter the Lenski school passcode: 1015372208202618
Here are some important deadlines:  
  • 4/19 or earlier: Before Deadline - All orders placed with FREE SHIPPING!
  •  4/20 - 5/11: After Deadline Ship to School - Parent/student will have to pay for shipping and books are shipped to the school.
  •  5/11 and later: After Deadline Ship to Home - Parent/student will have to pay for shipping and books are shipped to their home.

If you have any technical issues placing your order or creating your order, please go to www.treering.com/help for support.  If you are not sure if you have purchased your yearbook yet, I suggest checking your email for a confirmation of purchase from TreeRing (the yearbook vendor), or checking your card or checking accounts for a payment made to TreeRing.  If you cannot find either then you have not yet purchased a yearbook.  You may also reach out to me with any questions or concerns and I will do my best to help!

Caroline Lesem


Need help with your order? Review the flyer here or contact www.treering.com/help.