Euclid GT Overview

GIFTED AND TALENTED SERVICES:  Gifted and talented (G/T) students are identified based on Littleton Public Schools’ identification criteria. Euclid Middle School employs the Autonomous Learner Model to all aspects of G/T programming.  Services for G/T students are available through core and exploratory options for sixth and seventh grades, and an academic option for eighth grade. G/T Programming is designed to address individual students’ needs holistically: academic, creative, and social-emotional. The G/T facilitator works with students to personalize and customize the options for their middle school experience. Utilizing the resources of parents, the G/T facilitator, administration, staff and counselors, students are encouraged to advocate for themselves and seek assistance from this team for deeper learning opportunities. EMS teachers have been trained in differentiated instruction and will accommodate students in order to further their learning, academic achievement, and acceleration.  A presentation with these details can be found  HERE.

Math: Placement in advanced math is based on multiple criteria, including achievement test scores, skills inventories, teacher recommendation, pretests, and student motivation.

Language Arts:  Acceleration is available to 7th and 8th grade students.  Placement in advanced language arts is based on multiple criteria, including achievement test scores, a writing sample, teacher recommendation, and student motivation. Students may audition for eighth grade Language Arts Seminar at the end of their seventh grade year. Language Arts Seminar is an honors level language arts class which replaces the core language arts class.

Sixth Grade:  Students identified as G/T will participate in a quarter-long exploratory with the G/T facilitator.

Seventh Grade:  An Architecture exploratory class is available for GT students who wish to substitute a G/T exploratory for one regularly scheduled exploratory.

Enrichment:  Local and regional contests and competitions are scheduled throughout the year to provide a forum for individual talents, interests, and academic skills.  Many G/T students find outlets for their creativity and intellectual curiosity through extracurricular activities, such as school-sponsored clubs, performing arts, sports, technology, and leadership opportunities.

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