Intramural Sports


Here at EMS we encourage all students to participate in intramural sports.  They are a great opportunity for 6th graders to be involved in middle school athletics without the stress of competing against another school.  They are an excellent way to prepare 7th and 8th graders with the fundamentals needed for high school athletics.  Signs will be posted in hallways and announcements made as to the beginning of each sports season. JOIN IN THE FUN! 

The intramural program is for everyone and does not discriminate. Everyone is able to participate regardless of skill level.

Intramural Seasons

(dates are approximate)


6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Track & Field

Co-ed: April/May


End of August through beginning of October 

Girls' Basketball

Co-ed: August/September

Mid-October through early December 

Mid-October through early December


Mid-October through early December 

Mid-October through early December

Mid-October through early December

Boys' Basketball

Co-ed: August/September

Early January through early February

Early January through end of February

Girls' Volleyball

Co-ed: August/September

End of February through end of April

End of February through end of April

Attention: For current practice schedules and game dates, check out the Student Activities Calendar. These dates will appear about a month before the season begins.


  • 6th Grade: $15 per sport
  • 7th Grade: $20 per sport
  • 8th Grade: $30 per sport

* There is a family cap of $100 per year for Intramural/Athletic Fees.  No individual need pay for more than two sports.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Clint Borel - Director of Intramural Sports at Euclid Middle School
Email: cborel[at][dot]us