Euclid Core Values

The Program

A School Wide Focus on Leadership
Every Student a Leader is a program aligned with adolescent development where success is actively demonstrated. This program creates a safe environment for students to practice leadership. Together we will identify and build upon your students’ strengths.

Every Student a Leader is a community-minded program where leadership does not end at the school walls. The first year we will focus on the area of Personal Leadership. The themes for Personal Leadership are: 1) Get Involved; 2) Start with the End in Mind; 3) The Choice is Yours; and 4) Put First Things First.

What does this mean to you as a student at Euclid?
In your time at Euclid Middle School, you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills at many levels. You will begin with “Personal Leadership”. The first step is called “Falcon Feather #1—Get Involved”. There will be three more “Falcon Feathers” to earn during the year. When you complete each requirement, you will be recognized for your accomplishment by receiving a colorful “Falcon Feather” to keep on a chain.


The Four Layers of Leadership outlines seven skills that promote Personal Leadership, Interpersonal Leadership, Team Leadership and Organizational Leadership.  Every student can and should develop skills that promote personal success.  This is the developmental task of an adolescent.  Developing successive and more complex skills will be dependent on the rate of maturity of the individual student. 

Students at Bat  This abridged article from Educational Leadership by Thomas R. Guskey and Eric M. Anderman presents an introduction to the concept of developing leadership skills in our students.  They argue that the opportunities for students to make choices about their own lives have dwindled in the last generation.

The Leader in Me  This excerpt from Stephen Covey's recent book makes the case for teaching leadership principles to even the very young student.  For our students to thrive in the future they need academic excellence and 21st Century Skills.