Positive Behavior (Be REAL)

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, also known as PBIS is an evidence based framework for developing positive behavior in a school environment.  It is used by schools nationwide to create a positive climate for learning.  PBIS is not only used in the classroom, but is implemented in non-classroom settings such as the hallway, buses and the cafeteria.  It is a proactive approach to establish behavioral supports needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional and academic success. At Euclid, PBIS is used to encourage positive behaviors in our building, including:

Be REAL Slips - Students can receive a Be REAL slip from any adult for being Respectful, Excellent, Accepting or a Leader.  After receiving a ticket, students can turn it into the front office for candy and entry for a monthly prize.

Locker Tags - Students who receive a Be REAL earn recognition on their locker with a laminated poster highlighting their Be REAL slip(s). When students receive an additional Be REAL slip they earn a star that is placed on their locker tag.

Monthly Prizes - Each month students who receive a Be REAL are part of a monthly celebration.  These vary from month to month and have included; candy raffles, hat day’s, pizza parties, ice cream socials and more!

School Recognition - Students who are displaying positive behaviors are recognized in daily announcements, on school-wide bulletin boards and by their teachers.

Home Recognition - Students who are displaying positive behaviors are recognized by staff with Be REAL postcards that are mailed home.


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