Resource Officer

I began my career with the city in 2007 where I was a seasonal landscape worker and then promoted to working full time for the streets crew paving the roads in Littleton. Interesting fact: I have a license to drive a semitruck and can operate a backhoe. While working for the city I discovered that the community is incredibly supportive and kind which was instrumental in inspiring me to want to give back. 

In 2010 I was fortunate to land my dream job of becoming a Littleton Police Officer. During my time with the department I have been lucky enough to serve in several different roles to include: SWAT negotiator, public information officer, field training instructor, driving instructor, community service patrol liaison, drone pilot, master police officer and corporal.  

In my free time I enjoy hiking (Moab is my favorite spot), running (I completed the JFK 50 mile in Maryland),restoring antiques (My most recent project is restoring an old Ski Lift Chair), traveling (favorite place I’ve been is Auckland New Zealand), playing guitar (I built my own acoustic),carpentry projects and connecting with friends and family.  

I’m so excited to begin the next step of my career serving the Littleton community as Euclid’s school resource officer.