Parent Comments

What are parents saying about Euclid?

Euclid has an overall positive sense of environment and education. There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

My child seems happy and if she’s happy then it does say something for EMS & staff.

We are very impressed with Euclid’s atmosphere of making every student feel welcome & included. Also happy with approach toward meeting our child’s needs academically.

I feel the academics at Euclid are excellent and my child's needs are addressed.

Great Principals and staff that care for kids & their success.

I have referred several friends to EMS and they are pleased with this middle school.

My child’s experience entering middle school has been very positive – I consider that a direct comment about the courses and staff.

I feel EMS has high standards & discipline

Euclid is a positive!

My daughter seems to have adjusted quite nicely to middle school, and has shared numerous stories about how happy she is with her teachers and fellow students.

The principal and staff are really great & helpful. The school is a nice fit for all kinds of kids.

We have open enrolled and feel blessed to be a part of EMS.

I believe the culture at Euclid is a tremendous strength. The respect & patience for students as well as the quality teaching provide a climate of safety, acceptance and success.

We are new and the transition was exceptional & my student felt comfortable and welcome. Thank you!

My student is challenged and recognized and I feel he has made a fairly smooth transition from elementary to middle school.

School looked at MAP scores on an individual basis and properly placed my son. We were very impressed that test scores were reviewed that closely.

The structure of CORE’s throughout all grade levels have been an important factor for our daughters.

We feel much better with our child at Euclid rather than our district school. The children are more polite, less bullying, teachers are in control, and more caring. It feels like a safer, happier, more friendly school than our middle school.

The transition to middle school has gone very smoothly. We were expecting more bumps along the road. We credit it to Euclid’s approach & teachers.

I love Euclid! We are from the Denver Public School district. There is no way I would send my child there. My student is on the honor roll. This is the best thing I could of done for my child.

Both my children have and are enjoying the education they receive at Euclid. I am extremely satisfied and recommend it all the time!

I think the technology at Euclid is a huge plus. I admire LPS music programs.

As a teacher at an LPS elementary, I frequently encourage families to enroll their children at Euclid.

Our student is open-enrolled from Douglas County.

Euclid Middle School is a good school – I went to EMS. My daughter & my sons now do – high achieving school of excellence

I was very pleased with both my children, with the transition into middle school. This is such a stressful time and both of my students felt comfortable going into Euclid! Wonderful!

The staff is knowledgeable, kind and eager to see my girls succeed. Many times they’ve performed above and beyond to encourage success. My eldest now attends Arapahoe and uses many learning strategies & skills learned @ Euclid to succeed.

My 7th grader is my third son to attend EMS. We have had so many awesome teachers over the years! Thank you.

It is a safe friendly school in a safe environment

I talk to many parents & kids about Euclid! This school has a lot of strengths and a “chemistry” that is felt. My perception, as a parent here for the past 2 ½ yrs., is that quality & excellence are the norm and that the “team chemistry” at Euclid emits a light and a kind of presence that draws out light & positive response in those they employ, serve, & recruit to participate here.

I am pleased with the Staff’s performance and communication, and have no problem telling anyone that they can feel confident in enrolling their student at EMS.

We have had wonderful teachers who go way beyond teaching to connect with my child.

We feel our daughters are challenged appropriately. Very pleased with the music dept & our child’s opportunity to be involved in the play. (From what I understand not all middle school have plays to participate in & thus the children are not exposed to this great opportunity.)

We are very satisfied with the 3 years our child has been at Euclid. Everyone from administrators to teachers seem very dedicated and interested in my child’s education.

Euclid staff & employees are very professional and engaging. At the same time, there is a “family feel” that is inviting and refreshing. We’ve been impressed with the level of expertise & professional manner in the role of staff members with the added warmth & caring that creates more of a personal element. It’s been the best of both worlds---professional competence combined with personal investment in teaching, training, & modeling →learning, maturing, & self-government of middle school age young people. It’s doing this most challenging task with the most personal touch that is molding & marking our young people in a special way. (very cool) Middle school is a tough time for most (adults & kids) & you all provide a crucible for success just by being who you are together, and with our kids in the classroom, lunch room, & offices. Thanks for all that you do to give our middle schoolers a “leg-up” in life as they become who they will be. There is something very good about this place.

My last child to “continue” from Euclid on to high school. All three of my “students” have been very prepared for high school. I will miss Euclid, keep up the good work.

I’m impressed by the structure of “CORE’s” at each grade level, this was a big draw for us to send our kids to Euclid. I appreciate how the needs of G/T students are met and that opportunities are extended to classrooms and all students.

source: Annual Parent Survey - Euclid Middle School