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This year-long course for 8th grade students will produce the yearbook that captures the life of Euclid Middle School. This hands-on course will help you develop skills in digital photography, copywriting, proofing, editing, and graphic design. Students will work collaboratively to develop the yearbook’s theme, cover and layout design. This course requires enthusiasm, creativity, a dedication to the production of the yearbook and a strong sense of responsibility. In addition, students must be willing to attend various events before and after school. 

The Euclid Middle School yearbook is called Elements. The name is a reference to Euclid’s manuscript about geometry. The Colorado Student Media Association awarded Euclid’s 2020-21 and 2021-22 yearbooks an “All Colorado” rating, the highest rating possible rating.

Additional Information

* Yearbook is a yearlong electives course offered to 7th- and 8th-graders. In this course, students learn about photography, reporting, writing, and design. Students produce the book, with the support of the yearbook teacher and adviser.

* Students must complete an application to be accepted in the yearbook class. Students must be adept at working in groups, showing respect to others, being organized and meeting deadlines, and a showing a willingness to take risks and learn new skills.

Purchasing Yearbooks

Yearbooks may be purchased throughout the year through the fees tab on Parent Portal or by bringing a check to Jill Kelley in the main office. Yearbooks cost $35 and often sell out.

Purchasing 8th Grade Dedication Ads

Families may purchase 1/8-page ads to honor their 8th-graders. Order information will be shared via email throughout the year.

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