Concurrent Enrollment

Arapahoe offers concurrent enrollment opportunities through Arapahoe Community College (ACC) and through Colorado Christian University (CCU).


Concurrent Enrollment Through Arapahoe Community College (ACC)

Congratulations on taking a Concurrent Enrollment class!

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Get Started

STEP 1:  Complete the ACC application

Apply to ACC. You must apply to the college in order to earn college credit.  (if you have taken courses through our non-credit Community Education department you will need to re-apply as a credit-seeking student)   

Some information you will need in order to complete you application is:

  • Your Social Security Number

  • Your parent's or guardian's driver license number and date of issue

  • The date of issue of your parent's or guardian's vehicle license plate

  • The month and year your parent or guardian began living in Colorado

You must check YES in the COF box (College Opportunity Fund) in the final section of your ACC application.  If you do not check YES, you may Complete the COF application separately.

The College Opportunity Fund (funded by the State of Colorado) provides a portion of tuition for the first 145 credits earned towards a bachelor's degree. If you do not apply for COF, ACC will bill you or your parent for the portion that would have been paid for by the COF.

STEP 2:  Satisfy testing requirements  

Testing is important so you can decide if you are ready for college-level work. Some classes have prerequisite test scores you must meet. Check with your counselor for information about these courses and testing sessions at your high school. You may also submit qualifying ACT or SAT scores to meet this requirement.

STEP 3:  Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement and Registration Form

You MUST complete this form in order to be enrolled in the course for college credit.  This form is required by the State of Colorado for all students concurrently enrolled.  This form will be given to you by your teacher or counselor and requires student and parent signatures.  Incomplete or late forms will not be accepted.  Check with your counselor for deadlines.

You must pass your class with a C or better to earn college credit!

CE students have full access to Arapahoe Community College’s academic library. Using your S number, CE students have 24/7 access to:

  • more than 25 scholarly databases
  • more than 160,000 academic ebooks from university publishers
  • Ask Academic chat service staffed by local  academic librarians

CE students are also able to request one-one-one research appointments with ACC librarians for help with academic research projects. ACC Reference and Outreach Librarian, Lindsay Roberts, can work with you to plan customized research sessions at the ACC Library, online, or at your high school to prepare your students with college-level research skills.

Visit ACC Library’s website for more information.


Concurrent Enrollment through Colorado Christian University (CCU)

Arapahoe students will have the opportunity to enroll in dual credit courses through Colorado Christian University (CCU) to potentially earn high school and college credit for each course they complete successfully with a grade of 75% or better.  The course will be taught at Arapahoe by Arapahoe faculty.  To qualify for this dual credit, the courses must meet CCU’s criteria of collegiate-level approved curriculum, and Arapahoe instructors must submit their transcript and course syllabus to CCU for approval.

Due to the academic rigor and course prerequisites of Advanced Placement curricula, most of our Advanced Placement classes will qualify for dual credit through this program.  Admission to all Arapahoe High School Advanced Placement courses is based on teacher recommendation.

Not only does this partnership offer dual credit for students, the credit will transfer to many colleges and universities across the nation.  It may be advantageous for students to take courses as both AP and dual credit because it gives them two possible opportunities to earn college credit.

Students need to research the colleges and universities they plan to attend in order to fully understand the best way to participate in this dual credit program (AP exam versus completion of course at 75% or better, or both) to earn college credit towards their specific post-secondary institutions.

For students wishing to participate in the automatic dual credit program, they will need to complete CCU registration and pay a $200.00 course fee to CCU.  If there are specific questions, students should utilize the CCU information listed below, see their Arapahoe guidance counselor  or talk with their Arapahoe Advanced Placement teacher.

+ Register for your course with CCU at  Below you will find the Arapahoe class and the CCU course equivalent.   There are two registration time frames.  The first registration period is August 1 - October 30, 2016.  The second period for registration January 1 - February 28, 2017.  You must be registered and paid in full by February 28, 2017.

+ Pay $200 course fee at the time of registration. This is a great value at a much reduced rate compared to most post-secondary schools. Upon course completion, you can submit a transcript order through the online ordering system at:   

For more information, visit, email the program at dualcredit[at]ccu[dot]edu, or call 303.963.3029.

High School Course Credits CCU Equivalent Course CCU Course # Semesters Fall, Spring or Summer
AP Calculus AB 4 Calculus 1 MAT 141 2 Yearlong
AP Calculus BC 4 Calculus II MAT 241 2 Yearlong
AP Psychology 3 General Psychology PSY 101 2 Yearlong
AP Biology 4 Biological Life/Lab BIO 101/111 2 Yearlong
AP Chemistry 5 General Chemistry/Lab CHM 121/131 2 Yearlong
AP English Language & Composition 3 English Composition ENG102 2 Yearlong
AP English Literature & Composition 3 Introduction to Literature ENG 201 2 Yearlong
AP Government 3 Introduction to American Politics POL 207 2 Yearlong
AP Spanish Language & Culture 3 Elementary Spanish SPA 111 2 Yearlong
AP Statistics 3 Statistics MAT 212 2 Yearlong
AP Economics 3 Economics ECO 215 2 Yearlong
AP Physics I 5 General Physics/Lab PHY 210/212 2 Yearlong
AP US History 3 American History HIS 205 2 Yearlong