Health Services

Arapahoe High School Health Services

Arapahoe High School’s Health Office is located in the Guidance Department.  Students may visit for concerns related to illness, injury or medical-condition related needs. Students may rest in Health Office for ten minutes.  If at that time they are still feeling ill and unable to return to class, parents will be called to come pick them up.

Please utilize the health resources available to you and your student by clicking on the link above, the LPS district health services site.  From there you may download medication forms, health care action plans, medication self-carrying guidelines, and the LPS Allergy Guidelines. You will also find information regarding our illness guidelines and state immunization requirements.

LPS District Health Services Webpage

Students are allowed to self- carry a daily dose of medication, both prescriptive and non-prescriptive. Refer to Littleton Public School’s policy JLCD-R for details surrounding  students self-carrying their medications.

High school students may carry and self-administer one day’s dose of prescription or nonprescription medication.Any student self-administering medication inappropriately or in violation of this regulation or Board or school policy shall be counseled and the parent or guardian notified. Students may also be subject to discipline, including suspension and/or expulsion. Medications shall be confiscated and self-administration privileges shall be revoked if the student shares medication with others.

If your student will be self carrying their medication, it is recommended parents/guardians provide backup medications to be stored in the health office for emergencies.  

Melissa Wern, Health Assistant


Katrina Maldonado, BSN RN NCSN