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Swim Waiver Test

Wed, January 26 from 8:10am-9:15am

This test is for current Heritage High School students only who wish to test out of the swim class requirement. Two sessions will be offered with a limit of 25 students per session. The registration link will be open from 1/10-1/2-0 or until all slots are filled. It will fill up fast so register soon. Sign up using this link

Please arrive at the HHS Pool Entrance on time but not early for check-in & instructions. Wear your swimsuit and bring a towel and goggles.  Masks must be worn at all times when on deck.  If you are unable to attend this swim waiver or all slots are taken, we plan to offer another opportunity to take the swim waiver in the Spring of 2022.  (Seniors CANNOT take the test second semester of their Senior year)

The following swimming skills will be assessed during the test:

  • Swim 500 yards (20 lengths) continuously, with no time limit using any combination of the following strokes
    • Freestyle (front crawl w/ flutter kick)
    • Backstroke (back crawl w/ flutter kick)
    • Elementary backstroke w/ whip kick
    • Breaststroke w/ whip kick
    • Sidestroke w/ scissor kick
  • Jump in and tread water/float for 15 minutes continuously
    • Tread water with both hands and feet for 5 minutes
    • Tread water with feet only and hands out of water for 2 minutes
    • Survival float and/or back float for 8 minutes
  • Dive proficiently from the edge of the pool into deep water. 

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Jentry Byleveld, Teacher 

Deirdre Gibalski, Teacher / Co-Dept. Chair

Chad Hanson, Teacher 

Tyler Knoblock, Teacher / Co-Dept. Chair