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Permission Forms

Student Parking - Parking permits are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to receive a permit, all fees must be paid and paper copies of all current documents must be turned in with cash or check ONLY for $50 (for the year). There will no longer be an option to prepay online or email documents. Student parking distribution occured on August 8th, any additional students who would like a parking pass must complete the wait list form at this time. 

Student Parking Wait List

Additional information regarding parking policies can be found in the student handbook and on the parking permit form. Students need to bring the following five items to the Activities Office to receive a parking permit:

  • $50.00 Cash or Check ONLY

  • Completed all steps outlined in our 23-24 Parking Information

  • Paper copies of the following documents - please check to make sure they are current

    • Driver's License

    • Vehicle Registration

    • Proof of Insurance

All costs of permits are final and will not be refunded.

Painted Parking Spaces Information



Open Enrollment Forms

Open Enrollment Forms are available on the district site.  All students who live outside the Heritage High School boundaries must fill out an Open Enrollment form. For more information, please visit our Open Enrollment webpage.

If your student is currently open-enrolled at Heritage and he/she plans on returning the next school year, you must submit an "Intent to Renew" Form which is also available on the district website.

School Forms